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Marron-chan!!   So   Kawaii!!

Recently, the newest anime I've seen is Bakuretsu Hunters! I haven't seen much yet, so keep checking back and I'll keep you posted. But so far, here's my favorite character, Marron Glace! He looks somewhat like Mousse, from Ranma, but sooo much cuter! Don't ya think? Anyway, look for Bakuretsu Hunters and watch! There's also a couple games out for Sega Saturn© and I'm sure there is other merchandise like CDs and such. Keep your eyes peeled because it's a very funny, very cute show, and of course, Marron is in it! Heehee! Have fun and keep checking back. Email me with any questions or anything. Thanks and have fun surfing the web!

People have come to see the Kawaii-ness that is Marron-chan!

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