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Here, you will find links and pictures and maybe even some sounds clips and stuff eventually. For now, I don't have much but I will be working on this page. If you would like to get your own domain name and all sorts of tools and stuff to help you start up your own web pages and maybe even a business on the web, please click the banner at the top of this page! It leads you into a world of webhosting tools and information! Check it out, it could be just what you're looking for. Below I will soon have links to some things I will be selling. So, if you like anime, keep checking back here because hopefully this page will grow with more items for sale! Thanks for visiting my page. Email me with any questions or comments of any kind. Thanks again!

Click here for a cute lil Sailor Moon Wav that I used to use when Windows starts up! ^^;

Here's a cute little wav file from Fushigi Yuugi of Chichiri saying "I'm okay na no da" and everybody else saying, "We're NOT okay na no da." ^_^

Here's a cute lil file of the English dubbed Belldandy from Oh! My Goddess saying "There's no need to be afraid Mr. Keiichi Morisato!" I recorded it off my TV so it's not perfect quality, but it's not bad. ^ ^

Here are some of my favorite anime pictures: (Click the thumbnail for a bigger pic)

More thumbnails/images to come soon! ^_^

My Links and other Pages

: For all your Anime needs. Pictures, sounds, info.. all in one stop.

: A site to find all your personalized gifts and then some.

: Here are some Avatars for Virtual Places Chat program and also links to some of my extra cards and keychains for sale. Take a look!

: Here is a great page all about The All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku-Nuku! A very well done page with picture, sounds, info and links. Check it out!

:Here is a kewl page with lots of Bakuretsu Hunters images and info. Take a look! ^_^

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